About Us

Two college students meeting each other at a strange time during a wacky semester came together to make a podcast. Later turning it into a clothing business at a time where creativity was at an all-time high. Ideas were flowing filled with endless creative opportunities while on lockdown. 

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Rocky and Dre, took the time to figure out what they each wanted outside of college. At a time where college students were sent home confused and worried during the pandemic. To help take their mind off the pandemic and help their mental health. ForTheHomies Podcast  decided to make their own clothes and make their ideas come to life. This not only became an outlet for the homies to get whatever fresh idea comes to their minds and make it.

ForTheHomies Podcast has expanded. Adding more members all sharing the same drive and motivation. Using their teamwork and list of opportunities to help one another. The team has  more members with each of their own styles and ideas. To help and increase what the brand itself wants to be. As ForTheHomies Podcast continues to grow and expand keep a look out for what ForTheHomies Podcast has in store.